Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

Liz Clay, owner of Emerge Realty in Canada, provides clients with one-stop access to all of their real estate needs. With several years of experience within the real estate profession, Liz Clay and her company are able to provide clients with real estate financing, staging, and listing management to reduce both cost and stress.

Finding a quality real estate agent is an important part of buying or selling a house, and not doing so can mean missing out on one’s dream home, or selling one’s home for far less than desired. There are several things that buyers and sellers can do to help weed out below-average real estate agents, while narrowing down some of the best agents available to them. One way to do this is talk to recent clients to get referrals. Past clients are able to provide information about what it was like to work with a particular real estate agent, such as whether they felt they received fair services for the price, and what their overall satisfaction level was.

Once one has found potential real estate agents, they can continue the process by looking into several aspects of the agent’s career, such as how long they have been in business, what credentials they have, and what training they have within the field. This can often serve as a decent indicator of an agent’s commitment to the profession. One can also look at an agent’s current listings to see if they have familiarity working with similar properties, and within the location that is desired. Further, it is important to ask about commission to ensure an agent is within one’s price range before moving on to begin the process of buying or selling real estate.