About Me | Liz Clay Realtor Vancouver

With confidence, flair, and well-honed business acumen, Liz Clay brings more than 15 years of real estate and finance industry experience to her expanding ventures in Vancouver, Canada. Recognizing the changes taking place in the way her customers seek to do business, Liz Clay recently established TeamSell, a ground-breaking new firm that markets her three sub-companies who bring together all the necessary phases of buying or selling a residential or commercial property under one roof.

The one-stop approach offered by TeamSell and its three divisions greatly reduces both the costs and stress associated with moving. It also allows Ms. Clay to adopt a much more personal approach to the needs of each client by avoiding the use of subcontractors and other third parties.

The cornerstone of Liz Clay’s TeamSell venture, Emerge Realty, allows customers to list their property, stage their property, or obtain financing for their purchase. Each division offers comprehensive benefits not found available through other real estate firms.

Beyond simply listing the property, Emerge Realty possesses a clear understanding of how to leverage social media successfully marketing a property for sale. Under the leadership of Ms. Clay, Emerge Realty’s marketing team provides proven expertise in web and mobile applications that draw traffic and potential buyers.

With regard to staging and design, Liz Clay understands that today’s competitive market requires much more than basic staging. Her company, Design2Sell, operates as a full-service design, staging, renovation, and furniture rental firm. The resources available through Design2Sell allow Ms. Clay’s clients to create a unique market presence for their properties, enhancing visibility, buyer interest, and potential sales price. Liz Clay has also led an expanding arm of Design2Sell, Design4Love, since 2010. Through this company, Ms. Clay and her team of designers work to develop living spaces for men that will also appeal to women. The company also offers VIP concierge services, including last-minute living space cleanups and deep cleans, wine, flowers, and other arrangements.

In terms of financing, Liz Clay brings her vast knowledge of the financial sector to help clients obtain the perfect mortgage packages for their particular needs. By using the services of her company, Greenwood Mortgage, customers also gain the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that Liz Clay will work to ensure that every deal gets done.

TeamSell operations have expanded from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver. The head office is now centered in Yaletown.