Liz Clay: Business Improvement Association Questions New Bike Lanes

Liz Clay owns Design4Love in addition to owning and managing three other companies. At Design4Love, a design team helps turn bland homes into unique reflections of a client’s personal style. The Design4Love team specializes in transforming bachelor pads into original living spaces while carefully adhering to clients’ needs and budgets. Liz Clay is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick and a former member of the Business Improvement Association in Yaletown, BC.

Business improvement associations in the Vancouver area have recently been posed with numerous questions regarding the new Hornby Street bike lane. The main concern focuses on whether or not the lane is good for the businesses on the street. Some business groups, such as the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, seek to improve the aesthetic appeal and the business-friendly atmospheres of downtown areas all over Canada.

While Vancouver often looks to Portland statistics when it comes to the success of bike lanes, it is unclear if the Hornby Street lane is helping or hurting businesses. Small business owners and entrepreneurs like Liz Clay who are members of various Canadian business improvement associations have noted a moderate economic impact. The most recent numbers caused a great deal of concern as the city pours more money into the rebuilt Adanac bikeway and several new street-side lanes. Bike lanes cut into parking spaces, leaving laundry shops, grocers, and other businesses in a precarious situation. Business associations around Vancouver continue to look into the issue.


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