Liz Clay: a Look at Home Staging

Liz Clay is the Owner of Design2Sell of Vancouver, British Columbia, a home-staging and design company that helps both residential and commercial clients with a variety of staging and design needs.

As anyone knows, first impressions are important. Homeowners looking to sell should take care to present their home in its best light through home staging. Home staging is the process of arranging furniture in an attempt to better showcase a home on the market. While some homeowners possess design savvy and good taste, many houses can benefit from hiring a professional home-staging company. Home-staging professionals are extremely experienced in interior design principles and making an effective usage of space in order to aggrandize the home and highlight its best features. Stagers often bring in their own furniture and furnishings in order to create a greater ambiance and more welcoming environment.

If you are working with a real estate agency to sell your home, ask your agent if he or she can recommend a home-staging company. Some agents may even contribute to the cost of home staging. Regardless, home staging is a great investment as studies show that staged homes sell in half the time of non-staged homes.


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